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let's dance

Take a class with Em as your fearless leader & biggest supporter tthe whole way through!



Emily is a certified 305 FITNESS instructor, a sector of group fitness that takes great pride in it's inclusive, dance focused, body positive, & FUN format.


Emily is happy to get ALL people (dancers and non-dancers alike) moving, through a workout you've likely never experienced outside of the 305 brand! The best part? The movements are organized into a class structure that's approachable and achievable for anyone! With a killer playlist every class, curated by 305 house DJs, this is the fit-party you never knew you needed!


The 45 minute session is equal parts cardio and toning, as well a space to feel empowered, inspired, and supported by others. You'll laugh, you'll sweat, you'll let loose...and you'll be encouraged to embrace yourself. It's a guarantee after you get a taste, you'll be coming to us for your cardio blast every week!


brown high heels

HEELING POWERS is an original idea Emily had dreamed of for many years, but was inspired by the values and format of 305 to finally make it a reality.

As a professional dancer, Emily noticed that most of the classes teaching "heels choreography" were geared towards seasoned dancers, consisting of mostly advanced combinations and movements. Knowing many friends who were interested but intimidated by the classes, Emily aimed to create something approachable for anyone who wanted to put heels on and rock their sexy!

Aimed at non-dancers and beginners, these classes are a place to come together, feel fierce, gas each other, and remind ourselves that true sex appeal lives on the inside of who we are as individuals. In these sessions you will find an approachable, fun format... much like 305, that will help you to unlock your inner Britney! 

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